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Meeting June 2015

- Contact Police for suggestions on speed limit
- Find out who owns the lot on the corner of Sawgrass and Crooked stick. Can we purchase this area?
- Find out who owns the the wooded area next to Conner's.  Can we purchase this area?
- Look into getting a new Crooked Stick sign and landscaping done.
- Get price quote for a new sign at Crooked Stick & Sawgrass
- What does our liability insurance cover? Issue with 4 wheeler and potential accident waiting to happen.
- Update website and remove all old information
- Email list of email addresses to all neighbors
- Email everyone about elections and see if anyone is interested in running for office and/or building committee
- Check into drainage issue around 3163
- Update covenants.  Have meeting to discuss possible revamping of covenants
- Visit all new neighbors and get their info
- Email neighbors about missing dues current and previous years.


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